Knights of Sant 'Yago Knight Parade

Krewe of Sant’ Yago Knight Parade – Feb 9, 2019



TSL is Unit 86 and 87 – staging West side of Nuccio Pkwy East of Nebraska Ave (Section 4 see attached map)

3:00 PM – 4:30 PM - Float expected in staging

5:00 PM – Thieves and Security arrive no later than 5:30 PM

• Light sandwiches and chips will be set up by float 

7:00 PM – Krewe picture by float in staging

7:00 PM Parade begins – Parade route 7th Ave to 22nd St

Wrist bands required for staging (available Sun Feb 3, Float Work Day, February Membership Meeting, and Thurs Feb 7, 5:30 PM- 6:30 PM at Stepp’s Float yard)


DisbandingTampa Police and Stepp’s will instruct our float to pull over so we will be able to exit the float safely. Parade end is the vicinity of 7th Ave and 22nd St. Once the floats come to a stop, please listen to TSL security for instructions when it is safe to disband. We do not have a lot of time, be prepared to disband quickly and safely.

Thieves Bead Certification and Hold Harmless Waiver – ALL Thieves are required to have a signed waiver - See Claudia at February Membership meeting, or waivers will be available at staging.


Thieves MUST be in full TSL costume 

1.) White dress and peplum, tanned-colored pantyhose, black “boy-shorts” over panty hose, TSL garter (on right leg), black knee-high boots

2.) Tunic, peplum, black leggings, TSL garter (on right leg), black knee-high boots

3.) Black skirt, vest, top/sleeves, tanned-colored pantyhose, black “boy-shorts” over panty hose, TSL garter (on right leg), black knee-high boots

4.) Optional TSL hat, TSL headband

5.) TSL cape can be worn during the parade. Outer wear (other than TSL cape) can be worn in staging and MUST be removed once the parade starts. TSL cape is the only outer wear during the parade

6.) Encouraged to wear light-up bling, head wear, accessories - We want to illuminate at this parade!

Beads: TSL bead colors – red, gold, white, and black

Stepp’s float yard gate will be open for a bead drop Thur, Feb 7 2:00PM-9:00PM and Fri, Feb 8 2:00PM-9:00PM

Parking Options:

• Centro Ybor Garage – 1500 E 5th Ave

• Fenando Noriega Jr Garage – 2010 N 13th St

• Ybor Lot 3 – 1701 N 19th St

What to do prior to parade? If you arrive early, take a wander down 7th Ave and you will find many TSL sisters and other Krewes enjoying some of Ybor’s finest, (like Elmer’s, Bernini’s, Gaspar’s Grotto, and so many more). Nothing officially planned, however, find a Sister and have some pre-Knight Parade fun.


General Rules of Participation:

• TSL parade rules are ALWAYS in effect. A copy is on our website

• Wristbands required for staging  

• No throwing beads in the staging area. Parade begins on 7th Ave

• Refrain from throwing beads at the end of the parade AS SOON AS we get to 22nd St

• No loud music in staging area

• Cut off the music AS SOON AS we get to 22nd St

Safety Comes First PLEASE:

• Do not run up to back of the float and jump on for any reason. Wait until the float slows or is completely stopped, and TSL security will assist you

• Do not sit on any of the floats shelfs or railings while in staging or during the parade

• Watch where you are stepping/walking – for beads, debris, and potholes. Security has been informed to be aware to assist with this

• If riding Volcano, be aware of the stairs, throw the beads from behind the railings

If you are riding either float on the upper deck be aware of Street lights/traffic signals, the high voltage street car line at 7th Ave & 13th St. Listen to TSL security


Please click the registration link at the end of this email. Thank you.