Santafest Parade RSVP



Date: 12/02/2017
From: 9:00 AM To: 1:00 PM

SANTA IS COMING TO TOWN!  You guessed it, the Santa Fest Parade is here. Join us on Saturday, December 2, 2017.  We are #32 in Staging which is at the corner of Madison and Morgan Streets downtown Tampa.


TSL Members - Can wear their normal costume or they can wear the approved TSL Christmas tee with black bottoms and closed toe black shoes. 

Children or Parent Guest with children attending - Can wear the approved TSL Christmas tee or red/green holiday tee with black bottoms and closed toe black shoes.

TSL Security - Will wear the usual.

Bead color for throwing – All the Thieves colors as well as green and festive Christmas beads.

Waivers – If you are planning on attending the Santa Fest parade with Children, a notarized waiver form needs to be supplied for each child.  The minor waiver can be found on the TSL website at  Adult waivers will be available for signature in staging.  You can also email Jeanne Marget – – for the waivers or if you have any questions.

End of Parade exiting float – Once our float has stopped at the disbanding location, we have limited time to exit the float and all will need to move quickly.  An announcement will be made as we make our way to the disbanding location for you to gather your belongings so that the exit is a smooth process. 

Bead drop-off – Stay tuned for future announcements of the day(s) and time(s).

Looking forward to seeing you all at Santa Fest – Santa is here!